Hello friends and neighbors

Thank you for coming to my website.  I am pleased to provide more information about my goals for Atherton and the issues that I think matter. Please feel free to reach out to me to discuss the issues that matter to you. I want to hear from you.

Contact Elizabeth

I welcome inquiries from Atherton residents. Please let me know what is on your mind regarding issues in Atherton. You are welcome to send me an email directly through my town council email address (elewis {at} ci {dot} atherton {dot} ca {dot} us) or by attending any council meeting and catch me before or after the meeting. Thank you!

Learn more about the town council

Your council members work hard to represent you. I urge you to learn more about how the council functions, the issues that we are working on to improve the quality of life in Atherton and consider getting involved yourself. There are a lot of opportunities to participate on committees, through town organizations and through town events. We are also currently working to organize Atherton’s centennial celebration. We’d love to get your support and participation in organizing this and other events for the town. Click this link to go to the town website, where you can learn more.

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