Representing Atherton since 2008

I have served as your Councilmember since 2008, working hard to represent your interests. For the past twelve years, I’ve served on many Atherton committees (listed below) and I have been active regionally, serving on the San Francisco Airport Noise Abatement, Peninsula Traffic Congestion, Regional Housing, HEART Board, ABAG and many others.

I have found it both challenging and rewarding to represent the interests of Atherton residents and, I am pleased to find that, over this period of time, we have had much success with the work you elected me to accomplish.

Construction of our town center is now fully under way. We have managed to shepherd and budget Atherton’s financial resources in a prudent and conservative way, leaving us in great shape. We have protected Atherton’s rural character, despite many pressures to the contrary. And we have furthered numerous Master Plans, to continuing to improve and develop town resources, facilities and the safety of our homes and residents.

As 23-year residents, my husband, Joe, and I love our neighbors and continue to appreciate and want to preserve Atherton’s rural character. It’s been a truly wonderful place for our children and grandchildren, with great public and private schools, a safe and beautiful public park and, soon-to-be, a wonderful new Town Center that will make residents proud.

My Service on Committees and Boards
Over the years I have served on the following Boards and Committees at one time or another:

Town of Atherton    
Audit and Finance                  
Environmental Programs                         Transportation               
Bike & Ped
Town Center Task Force                        
Civic Center Advisory Committee

San Mateo County
Audit and Finance                       
Library JPA
C/CAG Board and Legislative Committee
C/CAG Sea Level Rise Formation Com
Commute.Org, Vice Chair
SF Airport Roundtable, Chair & Vice Chair
Congressional Select Committee
Council of Cities San Mateo County

I continue to connect with so many residents about a wide range of ongoing issues of concern to our community—from fire safety and noise abatement to police protocols and environmental protection—that I remain engaged in addressing. Navigating so many issues on behalf of residents has been both a privilege and a passion for me and I am looking forward to bringing more of my priorities for the town forward in the coming term.