Personal history

Twenty-three years ago, my husband Joe and I bought a 1926 stucco “box” of a house on the corner of Emilie and Alejandra Avenues.  It quickly became the lively and wonderful home to our 4 children and 4 grandchildren over the years. We met our neighbors and established a community of friends and colleagues who we have come to depend upon in times of need. 

My volunteering in Atherton began in 2005 by walking precincts for a ballot measure to renew Atherton’s long-standing parcel tax to fund our public works projects. That ballot measure passed, and I felt connected with our community from meeting so many residents.

I continued my volunteer work by joining Atherton’s Environmental Programs Committee and the General Plan Committee in 2006.  Serving on those committees showed me how important it is for ordinary residents to be involved in maintaining Atherton’s “rural character” and in shaping Atherton’s future.

Maintaining Atherton’s “rural character” with canopies of lush old-growth oak trees and narrow winding streets is of utmost importance to me.  Passing smart environmental policies to protect and preserve this character is why I’m running again.