Town Center

Completion of the Civic Center. We are now, at long last, building our new Town Civic Center, the most significant public works project Atherton has ever undertaken. This will be a place for community, for city government, public works, planning and police departments. I know it will be a Town Center that all Athertonians can be proud of and, while we suffered a brief delay during the early Covid-19 lockdown, we are working hard to ensure that construction is done according to the original schedule.

Finalizing Donor Funding. I am honored to have worked with many residents who participated in the New Town Center process, from hosting community input meetings in their homes, working with the resident-led Civic Center Advisory Committee (the CCAC), helping with fund-raising and, most critically, donating to the cause. Without all of this support, we would not be where we are today. We are lucky that, combined with broad support of residents, the town has been able to fund much of the difference in the construction costs while taking care to manage our town’s resources with good fiscal oversight. We are, however, endeavoring to raise the final amounts needed from resident donors by selling naming rights and I am honored to have a leading role in that process.