Why I am running again

It has been an honor to have worked for more than a decade to bring about our new Town Center. Now that it is finally being built, one might think the challenges of bringing this vision to fruition were over.  While it is true that much of the hard work is behind us, there are still a few challenges ahead as we finalize funding and deal with various construction issues.  I feel very committed to this process and to seeing the project through to completion.

Additionally, with the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, we are in a very difficult phase as a country, a state, a county and a town. I believe my experience and established relationships with other local leaders—including within the school district and at the many private schools within Atherton and in the surrounding area—will help us best navigate these issues and enable us to maintain a high degree of communication and coordination as we transition into the new school year.

I continue to connect with so many residents about a wide range of ongoing issues of concern to our community—from fire safety and noise abatement to police protocols and environmental protection—that I remain engaged in addressing. Navigating so many issues on behalf of residents has been both a privilege and a passion for me and I am looking forward to bringing more of my priorities for the town forward in the coming term.