Thank you for your trust

I am honored to have earned the trust of residents and to have won re-election to the council (in all likelihood, when the tabulation is final).  I want to thank everyone—my long-term supporters as well as new friends and neighbors—who reached out to ask questions or offer their help by hosting yard signs or endorsing me, and others who helped me with my campaign. Special love and appreciation for my wonderful husband, Joe, who continues to support me and my candidacy despite having health issues.

I would also like to offer my congratulations to Diana Hawkins Manuelian for stepping up to take a more active role in town governance by putting her hat in the ring, running a solid campaign and also earning enough votes to win a seat on the council. I am looking forward to working with her on the council in the months and years to come.

Over the last few months, we have seen construction for the new Town Center move beyond framing and now there is a temporary roof and portions of the interior are starting to take shape.  Despite the initial work stoppage and slow-downs related to Covid-19, it seems that work is moving forward at a good pace. I am really thrilled to have the chance to help shepherd this project through its final phases of construction and occupancy. Thank you all, again, for giving me this chance.

With Covid-19 picking up steam around the country, rather than abating, we face continued health risks and economic impacts, which bring considerable uncertainty as to how to best keep people safe and yet allow us to earn our living. While California is doing relatively well, I believe this is going to be one of the central challenges facing the entire country in the year ahead. As with all critical issues, I believe my experience and established relationships with many town residents as well as other local leaders will help me contribute in a positive way to the council as it deliberates on town policies and support for residents, schools and the broader region. As usual, I welcome your input on this and any other issues.

San Mateo County, as well as most all of California, is continuing to process and tabulate outstanding ballots, so these election results are only initial, semi-official results and are not 100% final. You can keep tabs at the County of San Mateo’s Election website here.  Meanwhile, you can get a bit more color about the results in “Atherton: Elizabeth Lewis and newcomer lead in council race” in the Almanac.